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Elderly Care Myrtia in Thermi - Thessaloniki

We created a model unit for elderly care in Thermi Myrtia , with basic scope for our tenants to feel as members of the same family, Myrtia’s family.

Myrtia is a safe neighborhood with family atmosphere and modern comforts.

Here you find the renewal desired. Rejuvenate through   endless creative opportunities. Join us on tours and cultural visits.

The safety and love that you need! So far you were taking care of others. It’s your turn to accept and enjoy the care you are entitled to the extent you desire.

The independence and companionship you deserve   in the neighborhood of Myrtia we are all a good company. With your backgammon and your coffee in our comfort places . With a meal and a friendly conversation at our restaurant.

With your familiars , who have any reason to visit you often and share with you the experiences of Myrtia.

And of course , it’s always possible for a temporary stay.

In the embrace of Myrtia , you ‘’ll find plenty of human contact , the care and respect you are looking for , and the quality of life you deserve!